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Emergency Roof Repair Cambridge MA

Looking for Roof Snow Removal Service?

Emergency Roof Repair Cambridge Ma

The state of Massachusetts is no stranger to the cold. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your home, and one of the most dangerous hazards is snow buildup on your roof. Heavy snowfall can damage shingles and lead to leaks, while the added weight can stress the structure of your home. Many homeowners will find that their roofs begin leaking in winter, even if they didn’t before, as ice and snow damage their shingles and the structure itself. In extreme cases, an overburdened roof can collapse. This doesn’t just result in extremely costly property damage – it can also result in serious injury. The worst part is that roofing emergencies can arise at any time and without warning.

To avoid these dangers, regularly removing snow from roofs is essential. The weight of the snow can cause your roof to collapse, and the melting and refreezing of snow and ice can create an ice dam that prevents water from draining correctly. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, it’s important to have regular roof inspections and to clear away any accumulated snow and ice. Taking these precautions can prevent severe roof leaks, save you some money on roofing repairs, and keep your family safe and dry.

Dealing With Ice Dam Roof Damage?

Ice dams usually form when your attic or roof is not properly insulated, allowing warm air from your home to escape. This warm air melts the snow on top of the roof, causing it to run down the surface. When it reaches the unheated spaces at the edge of the roof or the gutters, the melted snow cools again and refreezes. This clogs the gutters, and the added weight could peel them away from the roof itself. It also prevents further snowmelt from draining off your roof, which can lead to leaks. As more and more ice and snow builds up, the danger to your roof increases.

Prevention is the best way to deal with ice dams – by re-upping the insulation in your attic and having a qualified technician inspect your roof for weak points. But sometimes, even the best precautions aren’t enough. When ice dams form despite your efforts, the best thing to do is call in professional services to have them removed and your roof repaired if damaged. If your roof is leaking due to ice dams, you have every reason to call for emergency roof repair services.

Snowstorm Roof Damage Repair

There are several reasons why you might need to call an emergency roofing service. One of the most common is a severe weather event, such as a strong thunderstorm or a bad wind storm. During the winter, the most hazardous weather is, without a doubt, snowstorms.

Every winter, homeowners all over Massachusetts face potentially damaging storms. Heavy snow accumulates on roofs, putting stress on the structure and potentially leading to collapse. If your roof sustains damage from high winds, heavy snow, or flying debris, it’s important to call in roofing contractors to have it inspected and repaired as soon as possible. This way, you’re ready to take on the next storm.

Do You Have an Ice Dam Roof Leak?

Emergency Roof Repair Cambridge

If you do have an ice dam, you should never try to remove it yourself. Climbing onto your roof is always dangerous, and the presence of snow and ice only makes it more so. Instead, you should contact a professional to have the dam removed safely. At Art Slate, we’re no strangers to Massachusetts’ extreme weather. We know how to navigate the ice and snow safely, and we have the years of experience necessary to keep your roof functional for years to come. Don’t risk damage to your roof or harm to yourself; call Art Slate to handle the situation instead. We’ll safely remove any ice dams on your roof and gutters and inspect them for damage as well.

Art Slate Roofing is On Call 24/7 for Emergency Roofing Service

Emergencies don’t happen on a schedule. Roof leaks and other serious damage pose an immediate threat to your property, peace of mind, and safety; you can’t afford to wait till the morning for leak repair, and nor should you have to. That’s why the licensed contractors at Art Slate are on call for emergency repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter how big or small the roofing project, we’ll take it on; customer satisfaction is the most essential aspect of our work, so we’ll always do everything we can to get your roof back in good shape. Give us a call to get started.